Photo of Elliot Derhay

Who I Am

I'm a fairly simple guy who loves web development and design. I love learning new software and web development concepts. I like learning in general, but especially about science and technology.

When I'm not spending time learning something new, you can probably find me reading tech news and current events, watching videos by channels like Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay, reading comics like Dilbert and xkcd, playing card games, or playing puzzle games like Sudoku.

What I Do

I primarily work on WordPress projects, but I love working with Laravel. My primary side project is this website. I use it as both a personal profile and a sandbox for learning new concepts.

My personal website project built with Laravel, Tailwind CSS, and some Vue.js

Frontend Stuff

A small frontend utilities and other experiments project built on Nuxt

What I'm Up To

I can usually be found on Twitter and GitHub. I've also been known to occasionally write and comment on articles.

Latest Blog Post

Development With Laravel & Vite in Lando

By now, anyone who's started a new Laravel project knows Laravel has started using Vite out of the box instead...

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