Published Apr 13, 2023

Last Updated Apr 13, 2023

Obligatory 'Hello, World!'

Well, it was a slow process, but here it is: my independent blog!

Why not post elsewhere?

I’m actually ok posting on a third-party platform. I started working on this a while ago when I was still sometimes posting on—not to escape, but for the experience.

Hopefully I get back to writing on there too, and maybe I’ll be in both places.

Why not only have your own blog?

I’ve heard from other devs it’s good to have your own blog on your own site, kind of for control and branding purposes. That might be a good reason.

Last I remember, Dev also has a cannonical link feature. So really, you can have your content in both places and get an SEO boost to your own site instead of the copy on Dev taking over (though I do have to confirm that that feature is still there).

Just excited to finally have this thing going. ?

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